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What We're Meant For is about a 13-year-old girl, Jamie, and her relationship with her dad, shortly after her mom (his wife) died. Each is dealing with the situation in an opposite way: Jamie overcome with emotion while her father emotionally shuts down, resulting in them alienating themselves when they need each other the most. This story specifically focuses on the moment when all this comes to a head (through the loss of Jamie's horse, also her best friend), when Jamie and her father must confront their differences and find a healthy way to deal with their demons, otherwise those demons will destroy them.  

Beyond our love for filmmaking, animation, and storytelling, we want to make this film because of how personal it is. Whether it's losing a loved one, difficulties with family, or dealing with mental health, the issues our film explores have directly affected our lives. As filmmakers, we really want to highlight these key ideas:

  • Loss and death are part of life, and the best way to deal with this is to make the most of the time you have

  • Family/loved ones are critical to the above, through their love, caring, support, and understanding

  • Life is amazing and completely worth living, even if it isn't ideal


Another key purpose of our film is highlighting mental health, both mental health issues and awareness. Specifically, this film looks at suicide and depression in a compassionate, empathetic way. Our goal with this film is to help both those going through these issues and those not, the former through hope and caring, the latter through insight and understanding.

See below for a brief look at our film:

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Monster_Turnaround-V1 white bg.jpg
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